XQc calls out Twitch for not providing C9 Ziqo with a VOD timestamp following his suspension

Screengrab via xQc

Popular streamer xQc called out Twitch this morning for not providing C9 Ziqo with a clip of his offense even though xQc said he received a VOD timestamp when he was suspended. 

Last week, C9 Ziqo received a seven-day ban for violating the Twitch Terms of Service. Twitch claimed the ban was in response to Ziqo using a hateful slur but didn’t provide a specific example, according to Ziqo. 

XQc, another popular streamer who was recently suspended from Twitch, expressed his support for Ziqo today and said he should receive a VOD timestamp of his offense. The former Overwatch League pro claims Twitch sent him a timestamp when he was suspended and feels it’s only fair that Ziqo receives the same treatment. 

Ziqo explained in a recent video that the penalty also impacted him by ruining other opportunities and left his account in bad standing. This can have long-term effects, especially if he receives another suspension in the future. 

A seven-day ban is detrimental for any streamer since it can cause them to lose the audience they’ve built. Many people believe Ziqo didn’t deserve the ban and should receive a timestamp for his alleged offense. 

Ziqo believes he was banned for a clip when he says “fuck it,” but could be misheard as a derogatory slur. He also explained that Forsen, another popular World of Worldcraft streamer, was mistakenly banned for a similar mistake. 

Ziqo’s suspension reportedly ends on Wednesday, Jan. 27. Right now, it seems like he’ll have to wait out the suspension. 

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