Who is Drift in Fortnite?

Epic Games teased some sort of conflict on Twitter today involving Fox Clan and a character named Drift. 

But if you don’t stay up to date on your Fortnite lore, the mention of a character named Drift may have left you wondering who the character is, and what he has to do with the battle royale.

Drift was introduced to the Fortnite world during the summer of 2018 when the game was in the midst of a meteoric rise that revolutionized the gaming and streaming industries.

The character Drift is derived from a cosmetic set with the same name that remains one of the most iconic outfits in the game. 

The legendary rarity outfit was a part of the Chapter One, season five battle pass, and could be leveled up through different stages of the pass. 

Starting with a white and gold t-shirt, the character has a mask covering his face and a unique blonde mohawk-like hairdo. 

As players progressed through the different “stages” of Drift’s outfit, they could acquire what is known as a “Fox Clan,” a white and pink mask and a black trench coat with gold trim. His final form includes a pink electric aurora associated with powers obtained by the Rift. 

The character behind Drift is the main part of the season five trailer as well. In the video, Drift, a seemingly normal guy, is spray painting a giant Durr Burger statue that was teleported there by a rift. 

In the middle of a California desert, Drift is tagging what is now known as the Fox Clan mask before he and the face of the Durr Burger are both rifted back into the Fortnite battle royale universe.

Along with being displaced into a different universe, Drift gains a paranormal aurora about him that is evident in stage five of his skin and in his pickaxe that manifest themselves in the form of pink-color lightning. 

While in the Fortnite universe, Drift becomes friends with the pink-haired character Brite Bomber, who is represented in the “Rainbow & Sunshine” set that was released in September 2017. 

Since being introduced to the game, Epic has added a few different alternate versions of Drift cosmetics including a female counterpart called Catalyst and a “Summer Drift” outfit, both released in the summer of 2019. The game also more recently added a “Snow Drift” to the game this past Christmas. 

Based on the teasers released today, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see more Drift-related cosmetics coming to Fortnite soon.

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