What to know about COVID-19 vaccine side effects

More than 5.4 million New Yorkers have received at least one dose of one of three COVID-19 vaccines, while just under 3 million people, including nearly 500,000 Long Islanders, have completed their vaccination protocol.

The Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines require two shots weeks apart, while the Johnson & Johnson vaccine requires only one shot.

While the vaccines have proved safe and effective against serious cases of coronavirus, some of those vaccinated have experienced mild side effects. Here are some common questions:

What side effects can you expect after the first and second shot of the vaccine?

Do side effects mean the vaccine is not working?

What else should I know about possible side effects?

What about taking prescription medication to relieve the pain?

Why do some people experience reactions after taking the vaccine and others don’t?

When should I call the doctor after experiencing vaccine side effects?

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