VALORANT player highlights Phoenix molly line-up spot on Ascent

Using abilities to enter and attack sites is an essential part of VALORANT. Covering your team’s attack or pushing enemies out from their hiding spots can make it much easier to take sites and plant the spike successfully.

A Phoenix player recently found a useful molly line-up strat on Ascent that can help push out enemies from a popular spot or eliminate them if they’re low on health. 

The line-up tactic is easy to recreate and relatively safe if your team covers the entrance of B main. Players must stand on the box in B main near the ultimate orb and align themselves with a line on the floor. After this, they need to aim at a specific brick on the wall and jump throw the molly through the window. 

If done correctly, the molly will cover the entire staircase in B site and push out enemies from the hiding spot. They’ll either be pushed into an open area where they can be easily killed or they’ll retreat further into the site. 

This line-up strat will help players exit B main and have one less spot to worry about when executing. Market and the defender’s spawn will still be open, so make sure to pre-aim these positions or use other abilities to cover the angles. 

Learning ability line-up spots for your preferred agent is an essential part of becoming a valuable VALORANT player. Phoenix players should remember this strategy to help their team in their next match.

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