Two-time Olympic fencer makes name for himself in the sport, fashion world

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Towering at 6 foot 4 inches tall, two-time Olympic fencer Miles Chamley-Watson has a style unlike anyone else.

“There’s no actual rule or rhyme the sport, right. It’s just like if you have good hand-eye coordination, good core and good stamina, you can be good at the sport. That’s what’s kind of interesting about it, but for me, my style is unpredictable,” said Miles. “Like, good luck!”

Watson is a world champion, an Olympic medalist, having competed in the Summer Olympics in 2012, and in 2016, he took home a bronze medal with Team USA.

Standing on the podium in 2016, his fencing skills weren’t the only thing people noticed. Watson landed a side hustle many can only dream of. He now models for IMG and has picked up major sponsors like Red Bull, Samsung, Tiffany & Co., Tag Heuer and Nike.

“I’ve loved fashion since I was a little kid and now I get paid to do it, it’s kind of crazy as well. So I’m very grateful,” he said.

With a larger than life personality, Watson has also become an Instagram influencer, racking up more than 163,000 followers.

“It’s another audience you can kind of bring it to your world,” he said.

Despite the pandemic, Miles is still training every day. He said he’s ready to get back to competing, with hopes of fencing his way to a spot on the Olympic podium.

He said he plans to keep training, and if the games are not held in 2021, he will look ahead to 2024.

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