Sustainable Fashion Brands That Upcycle Deadstock and Fabric Scraps

Shopping secondhand is the most sustainable way to amp up your wardrobe, since it doesn’t contribute to the commercial fashion industry’s massive ecological footprint, fabric waste statistics, and unethical labor practices. But if you’re after original pieces, a great happy medium between shopping secondhand and buying clothing made from new materials is to shop from fashion brands that use fabric scraps, deadstock fabric, upcycled clothing, and other materials that would have otherwise gone to landfills. 

No, we’re not just talking about recycled fabric (which certainly has its advantages) — we’re talking about designers sourcing fabric from garment factories’ cutting room floors, saving every tiny fabric scrap, and ensuring they have a closed loop design and manufacturing process.

By shopping from one of the brands on this list, you’re not creating any demand for new fabrics to be grown, and you’re supporting a small, eco-minded business that is actively challenging the wasteful fast fashion industry. Read on for seven of our favorite sustainable fashion labels that specialize in upcycling yesterday’s fabric into today’s styles.

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