New COVID cases: Half of new coronavirus infections come from 5 states

About half of all new coronavirus infections are coming from five states, USA Today reports.

Which states have new COVID-19 cases?

Specifically, New York, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and New Jersey reported 44% of the new COVID-19 cases infections combined, accounting for 197,500 total new cases.

  • Those states represent 22% of the U.S. population, according to USA Today.
  • New York — which had 52,922 cases last week, accounted for 12% of the United States’ total cases, according to the New York Post.

Impact on COVID-19 vaccine distribution

  • This has pushed experts to call on President Joe Biden to consider sending COVID-19 vaccine doses to states where they are seeing an outbreak.
  • “So far, the White House has shown no signs of shifting from its policy of dividing vaccine doses among states based on population,” according to USA Today.

Half of U.S. will be vaccinated

The United States is currently on schedule to vaccinate half of all American adults by the weekend with at least one COVID-19 shot, CNN reports.

However, White House senior adviser for COVID-19 response Andy Slavitt said this doesn’t mean the pandemic is over.

  • “We do have to remember that there are 100 million-plus adults that still haven’t been vaccinated,” he told CNN. “They’re not there yet, and you don’t win the war until you bring everybody over with you.”

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