Maximilian Dood teases Killer Instinct Twitch Rivals event

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Fighting Game Community figurehead and streamer Maximilian “Maximilian Dood” Christiansen ran one of the biggest Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournaments in recent years in partnership with Twitch Rivals in November. And now it looks like he might be back with yet another throwback tournament for FGC fans. 

Earlier today, Twitch Rivals tweeted out a short video clip with no actual imagery outside of spinning question mark, though the iconic music playing in the background made an entire community perk up.

The tune in question is the iconic theme from the Killer Instinct franchise, which has a very dedicated fanbase despite the series not having a new release since the reboot in 2013 on Xbox One. 

Max has a history with KI beyond just being a fan of the games as he actually worked on the KI reboot with developer Iron Galaxy, being an editor for promotional material, character trailers, and the Story Mode for the game’s second and third seasons. He has always been vocal in his love for the franchise and has competed and commentated for several tournaments in the past. 

Now, as he teased by quote tweeting the Twitch Rivals post, he will likely be running his own KI tournament in the same vein as the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Lives event. In the replies, Max even said he was “just resurrecting some old trending hashtag,” which is a reference to “#BringBackKI” and the movement to try and revitalize the competitive KI scene or push for a new title to be developed. 

No details are currently available for when the event will take place or what format it will be run in, but we should hear more about it in the near future.

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