“LeBron James doesn’t get mad”: Anthony Davis praises Lakers star for his calm demeanor throughout his stint in Los Angeles

Anthony Davis says that he’s never seen Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James get angry, adding that he is “always happy”.

Seems as though it’s all sunshine and rainbows for the Los Angeles Lakers this 2020-21 NBA season. They are currently the number one seed in the loaded Western Conference following their win over LeBron James’s former team, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

LeBron went off for an MVP-calibre performance against the Cavs as he had 46 points while going draining 7 shots from beyond the arc. The Lakers now boast a league best 14-4 record.

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Anthony Davis seemed to have a bounce back game against his hometown team, the Chicago Bulls as he had 37. However, he went back to his poor shooting form, shooting merely 5-16 from the field last night.

Anthony Davis claims to have never seen LeBron James mad

At the end of it all, the Lakers are still at the top of the league, and have been ever since Anthony Davis made his way to LA. Keeping this in mind, there isn’t much to be mad about when it comes to basketball. This should be the key to LeBron’s happiness, as AD pointed out:

“He’s always happy. I’ve never seen LeBron mad, he’s always happy. On the flipside, he’s so determined and hardworking for basketball. So it’s a balance and you’ve got to find a balance.”

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Anthony Davis praised the reigning Finals MVP on being able to control his emotions on and off the court. Anthony Davis has spent a lot of time with LeBron James off the court as the two are very much acquainted with one another.

LeBron has never really been one to overtly express any form of negative emotion when on the court. He’s usually all smiles throughout the entirety of the game. Then again, being the best team in the league doesn’t really call for the need to be mad about something.


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