League of Legends launches new limited-time event Ashe’s Trial

Image via Riot Games

While League of Legends: Wild Rift’s Yordle Expedition may have a few days left until its close on Jan. 29, a second challenge limited-time event for players to earn rewards has been announced.

The new event, Ashe’s Trial, boasts six different challenges to be completed by players between Jan. 26, and Jan. 30.

Completing each of these challenges will grant players a reward of Poro Coins while completing all the challenges will net players a unique “Star of the Stage” player icon.

Poro coins are an in-game currency in Wild Rift that players can use to open Poro Chests. These contain a variety of different rewards including Icons, Baubles, Emotes, Recalls, Rift Emblems, and Poses.

Here are the challenges as part of the event.

  • Get 50 takedowns
  • Kill 350 minions or monsters
  • Deal 200,000 damage to enemy champions
  • Destroy 50 turrets with your team
  • Kill 15 dragons with your team
  • Win 10 games

With the Yordle Expedition still having a few days left for players to earn the five Yordle champions available as rewards, players will be glad to know that the Ashe’s Trial challenges can be completed simultaneously with the challenges from the Yordle Expedition.

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