How to watch the Twitch Rivals: Streamer Bowl II

The NFL playoffs are back, and just like last year, Twitch Rivals is mirroring the postseason with some competition of its own.

The Twitch Rivals: Streamer Bowl II will take place on Super Bowl week with content creators and NFL players joining forces to play Fortnite for a charity prize pool of $1 million.

With 30 teams of trios, the Streamer Bowl will take place on Feb. 4 beginning at 3pm CT, and each group will play six games. 

Squads will earn points from a combination of placement and eliminations per game. The team with the most points at the end of six games will be declared the winner and earn $250,000 for their charity. 

Second place will get $150,000, and third will earn $100,000 for whatever cause they have. Every team below that will earn an amount between $7,500 and $75,000 scaling based on placement. 

Teams for this year will be determined by content creators drafting NFL players during a draft process that will take place on Jan. 26. After winning the Streamer Bowl in 2020, Clix has earned the first pick in the player draft this time around.

The rest of the draft order will be determined by random draw based on how they performed in the four “playoff” weeks of Twitch Rivals action currently taking place. Essentially, the wins of the four playoff weeks will get selections two through five.

Those who have earned second play in a playoff week will get a randomly assigned pick between six and nine. Teams will be composed of one Twitch streamer, an NFL player, and one “community player.”

The competition and draft will be broadcast on Twitch Rivals official Twitch channel, and Twitch streamers will all broadcast their perspective of the competition from their personal streams.

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