How to catch Larvitar in Pokémon Go Johto Celebration

Image via Niantic

The final regional celebration leading up to the Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto is now live. Players will see an increased number of Pokémon native to the Johto region from Jan. 26 to 31. 

Among those Pokémon that are appearing more frequently is the Rock/Ground-type Larvitar, which you’ll need to capture to complete all of the bonuses within the Johto Celebration event. 

There are several reasons you might want to try to capture several Larvitar during the event, including the fact that shiny Larvitar are appearing. And if you fully evolve one into a Tyranitar, it’ll know the previously event-exclusive Community Day move Smack Down. 

Larvitar is usually a rare Pokémon, but you can encounter it in several different ways during the Johto Celebration. It’s appearing more frequently in the overworld, which means you might just end up running into one. But you can also hatch one from five-kilometer eggs you received during the event or battle it in one-star Raids. 

The easiest way to find it would be in Raids, especially if you have friends who play Pokémon Go and can get an invite directly to a Raid featuring Larvitar. 

You’ll need to at least capture one Larvitar to complete the Johto Collection Challenge, but it shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish this.

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