Hikaru runs into MoistCr1tikal while smurfing in chess

Chess GrandMaster Hikaru Nakamura is one of the best players in the world. Given his main account boasts an extremely high rank, the professional player and streamer turned his attention to a second account to rise through the rankings once again. But during this run, he encountered a familiar foe.

In a recent livestream, Hikaru was matched up against a random player who he quickly realized was fellow streamer MoistCr1tikal, who had little chance. Hikaru continued his undefeated run, taking out Charlie in dominant fashion. During the match, Charlie was sure that his opponent had been using an engine to make his moves but did not suspect he was playing against Hikaru.

After the clip, Charlie’s viewers made him realize who he had been facing and shared that his loss to Hikaru had snapped a five-game winning streak that was pushing him up the rankings.

“He was using something much more powerful than AI; he was using the brain of Hikaru,” Charlie said.

MoistCr1tikal had been streaming on the Chess.com Twitch channel, taking part in the Royal Arena Kings Season Six when the matchup took place.

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