“Godzilla needs to be load managed”: Kevin Durant makes hilarious NBA comparison for cartoon creature in response to release of ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ trailer

Kevin Durant has given movie aficionados something to think about, with his reaction thread to the newly released ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ trailer.

In the past, KD has also given his takes on Batman as a hero. There’s an entire thread of tweets in which KD is appalled at the notion that people think Batman’s a trash superhero. This is understandable, of course, given how much the average American kid of the time adores Batman.

Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers set up a Super Bowl meeting with reigning MVP Patrick Mahomes’ league leading Chiefs. But despite the most important NFL games of the year being played last night, reviews of the ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ trailer had more social media traction.

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Kevin Durant reviews ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ trailer on Twitter

The trailer certainly signals that Kong will put up a stiff battle and could win. He can apparently block Godzilla’s blue fire attack — but Kevin Durant disagrees vehemently with the notion that Godzilla could lose.

He did note that Godzilla is getting up there in years and in need of load management. However, he added that Godzilla is a GOAT and Kong should pose no serious threat to him.

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KD is also on board with a popular conspiracy theory floating around about how the filmmakers were able to create a somewhat even matchup.

One thing we know for sure – this movie is going to be a big box office hit globally. The reviews of the movie based on the trailer are all favorable – the production team seems to have hit it out of the ball park.

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