Fashion statements made during inauguration ceremonies

FORT COLLINS, Colo. (KDVR) — As the world watched President Joe Biden take the oath of office, the fashion world watched Inauguration Day through a different lens.

“One of the big takeaways for me was that everybody was clearly dressed in something that made them feel like themselves,” said Dr. Katie Knowles, an assistant professor at Colorado State University and an expert in both fashion history and African American history.

“All of the distinctive looks that everybody had really spoke to who they are as a person,” Dr. Knowles said. “I think we’re kind of seeing this impression of being in charge and being in power and this kind of really rich tone that was there.”

The purple choice, as seen on Vice President Kamala Harris and other women at the inauguration, is also a symbol of unity — the mixing of Republican red and Democratic blue.

“[Kamala Harris] also chose to wear two different African American designers, Sergio Hudson and Christopher John Rodgers, which again I thought spoke to this message of diversity,” said Dr. Knowles.

While the country’s top women were dressed to impress, it was a more muted look that captured the nation’s heart.

“I also have to give a shoutout to Bernie Sanders’ mittens,” said Dr. Knowles.

Sanders, the former presidential candidate and senator from Vermont has become and internet sensation for his warm coat and handmade mittens.

“They’re sustainable, which we all love too and that’s I think where fashion is heading. So Bernie was the fashion-forward guy, actually, with his sustainable mittens,” said Dr. Knowles.

Dr. Knowles says even though fashion details may seem trivial, for those who are interested in the industry, it’s a detail that will make this inauguration one for the history books.

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