EDward Gaming open up fourth week of 2021 LPL Spring Split with a win against ThunderTalk Gaming

EDward Gaming kicked off the fourth week of 2021 LPL Spring Split with a clean 2-0 sweep against ThunderTalk Gaming.

This League of Legends series was one of the most one-sided in recent times. EDG had a clear draft and gameplay edge in both games and TT had no response to their tactics. Viper picked up both MVPs today after his impressive performance on two different ADCs.

He received the first vote for his Kai’Sa performance, finishing the game with a KDA of 9/1/8 and five thousand gold lead compared to his opponent. His Aphelios in the second game earned him his sixth MVP count of the season. He landed crucial combos in teamfights on stacked-up TT members, setting up them for a crowd-control chain by his teammates, while dishing out a lot of damage.

The first game of the series began with a lot of action aimed towards the bottom side. EDG funneled their early game resources to help snowball Viper, who has been looking like one of the best LPL ADCs this season. After a couple of early game kills, Viper started grouping up with his team, forcing TT to answer to their team instead of split-pushing or picking up neutral objectives.

EDG looked in control throughout the entire game, securing the drakes, the Baron and slowly chipping away at TT’s towers. After the second Baron spawned, EDG rushed to take it, but TT came to stop them. Due to them being behind on gold and experience, TT were quickly wiped away by EDG, who went to finish the game.

Screengrab via LPL

The second game showcased an improved TT, who answered blow for blow early on against EDG’s aggressive playstyle. They picked up a couple of neutral objectives in drakes and Rift Heralds, but EDG managed to stay even in gold due to superior farming mechanics.

The midgame fights looked even with TT playing much better compared to the first game. All dreams were shattered once TT extended for the mid lane tower and were caught up by Viper’s Aphelios. His combo delivered a huge amount of damage, before his team flanked them and killed them one by one. Following this win, EDG pushed to end the second game.

EDG (5-0) is currently tied for first place with Team WE in the 2021 LPL Spring Split standings. They’ll be back on the Rift next week with two matches against Victory Five and Suning. Both teams have been looking lackluster lately and EDG should be easily be able to take them down.

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