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Posted: Sun, Jan 24, 2021 1:04 PM

Winneshiek County Public Health is issuing a public plea for people to hold off calling the office about COVID-19 vaccine shots.

Says a news release from Winneshiek County Public Health, “We are working to complete Phase 1A and will NOT be starting Phase 1B until February.”

The Iowa Department of Public Health has issued an updated Phase 1B statement and tier listings that will include people 65 years old and above.  However, vaccine remains in short supply. This means not everyone in Phase 1B will be able to get vaccine right away.

Vaccine distribution will be prioritized due to vaccine shortage and not being able to vaccinate everyone at once.

The statement concludes by saying, “Winneshiek County Public Health along with our community partners at the Winneshiek Medical Center and Gundersen Health and other pharmacies are asking that you do NOT call to sign up as there are NO lists. Planning is ongoing on how to best distribute the vaccine to our community following the phases and tiers.”

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