Best Addons in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

The default user interface in World of Warcraft leaves much to the imagination. It’s large, clunky, and offers the bare minimum.

Thankfully, addons help to enhance your game, improving the look and feel of your UI. But there are thousands of addons to choose from. Some alert you or aid you in combat, while others organize your spells, bags, and track your auctions.

Here are five of the best addons in Shadowlands—the cream of the crop.

Weak auras 2

Weak auras is one of the most versatile addons in WoW. It allows you to display customizable graphics on the user interface to indicate things like buffs, debuffs, timers, and other useful information. There’s very little the addon can’t do. It also offers interrupt trackers and dungeon and raid trackers, making your life just that much easier.


ElvUI isn’t for everyone. But for those who want a tried and tested user interface with carefully designed action bars, nameplates, maps, and more, it could be the addon for you. ElvUI completely replaces the default Blizzard UI, giving you everything you could possibly want from an addon in one customizable bundle. It’s one of the most popular all-in-one addons in the WoW community for good reason.

Deadly Boss Mods

DBM is the bread and butter for any raider. There are other options when it comes to boss encounters, like BigWigs, but DBM has it all. The addon features mods for raids, dungeons, and special events, flashing colorful raid warnings, icons, and text on your screen. DBM won’t make you a Mythic raider overnight, but it will help you nail down boss mechanics, avoid fire and flames, and live to fight another day. 


WoW is fiercely competitive. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing battlegrounds, queuing up for arena, running five-man dungeons, or raiding with your guild—being the best and proving it with your damage (or healing) numbers is what counts. Details! offers real-time stats, recording your damage, healing, interrupts, and dozens of other useful information. It helps you to compete with your friends and go that extra mile in WoW.

Mythic dungeon tools

If you’re serious about Mythic+ dungeons, you should consider downloading Mythic Dungeon tools. Created by Nnoggie, a multi-world-first raider, the addon helps you to perfectly plan out your strategies in Mythic+ dungeons. Every NPC in every dungeon has been mapped out and can be viewed on an interactive map with the addon, allowing you to share your routes with your party members.

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