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ATLANTA, Ga. (CW69 News at 10) — As seen in Vogue Magazine and on “The Drew Barrymore Show,” the thrifty designs of Jabellafleur are getting some national attention.

Behind the scenes, Atlanta mom Alissa Bertrand creates the magic, turning thrift store finds into fashion for her kids.

“I’ve always wanted to be a fashion designer, and do fashion design, and it was just something that wasn’t really feasible for me cost-wise, so I started taking it on my own,” said Bertrand.

She says she worked with what she had with what she could afford. The brand name Jabellafleur is a combination of her and her daughters’ names and the French word for “flower.” If you take a look around her home studio, you’ll see all kinds of antiques and clothes. 

Her daughters love modeling their outfits, and they’re more than happy to share some input as well. “I love that you can go into the thrift store, but you really don’t expect to find something, but you find something you don’t expect,” said Jada Bertrand, one of her daughters. “Each time I found a dress, mom said to put it in the cart,” said Ella Bertrand, another daughter. “I found these really cool glasses, and my mom said, put it in the cart, and give me a high five,” a third daughter, Jayla Bertrand said.

It’s all a team effort. “They’re amazing. If I was to choose a team, that’s my team, and I just happened to be blessed with them,” said Alissa Bertrand. For her, this is all just the beginning of a future line of apparel, and more television appearances could be on the horizon. “It takes money, it takes knowing people and it takes the effort to continue pushing forward, and hopefully, I’m trying to launch by next summer,” she said.

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