Astralis pick up first win in 2021 LEC Spring Split against Vitality

OG Nukeduck

Photo via Riot Games

Astralis have picked up their first win in the 2021 LEC Spring Split today after taking down Vitality in week one.

Formerly known as Origen, the League of Legends team has finally broken its losing streak. The team’s last LEC win was in July 2020 against Misfits Gaming. Nukeduck stepped up as the carry today with his Twisted Fate pick, using the champion to snowball the game early on and help Astralis maintain map control with his global ultimate.

This series featured lackluster plays and throws from both teams, however. After picking up a couple of early kills, the game pace slowed down as teams focused on picking up the dragons. While Astralis got to Dragon Soul point quicker, they were unable to pick up the Cloud Dragon Soul as Vitality outmaneuvered them.

Later on, Astralis turned their attention towards the Baron. After a quick pick on the opposing Thresh, they forced a five-vs-four teamfight, quickly wiping the Vitality roster. With most Vitality members sitting on huge death timers, Astralis used that momentum to push and finish the game after a 43-minute slugfest.

With this victory, Astralis have finally put an end to their LEC losing streak. Their next matchups against G2 Esports and Excel Esports will put them to a test. Both teams will put up a better challenge compared to Vitality after their offseason roster changes.

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