Watch now: Decatur community responds in overwhelming fashion to feed those in need | Local

The couple appreciated the simplicity of donating money. “It’s easier giving cash,” Vickie Marshall said. “I would go to the store and buy it anyway.”

Schools continued to play a vital role in the event, even as many are operating remotely because of COVID-19.

Our Lady of Lourdes Principal Theresa Bowser dropped off a $5,000 check, raised at the school through a variety of daily activities such as non-uniform days.

“I think we’ve actually gotten more as far as what we’re able to purchase,” Bowser said. “With the food bank able to do 19 cents a pound, think this is going to go a long way and I think the Catholic community schools will make a very nice contribution, with Holy Family, St. Patrick and Lourdes, we’re able to make an impact.”

Eisenhower High School’s fundraising effort was a “City vs. County” competition where officers from Decatur Police Department and the Macon County Sheriff’s Department collected drive-through donations in the circle drive in front of the school. The result: City, $1,125; County, $495. 

Dennis School teacher Sara Nave organized an online auction for her school’s contribution, which raised $1,837. 

“I am beyond thrilled at how well the auction played out,” Nave said. “If it were not for our amazing community coming together, not only to donate the items up for auction, but also bidding on items they loved, we would not have been as successful as we were. Every year this event does more and more for our community, and this year, especially with COVID-19, the need is greater than ever.”

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