There will be no Halloween or Christmas Peeps this year

Holidays are going to look different this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, including what holiday treats will still be available.

According to a news report from Delish, we won’t be able to enjoy Halloween or Christmas Peeps this year due to the impact the pandemic has had on Just Born’s operations, the company behind Peeps.

Just Born halted production earlier this year due to the pandemic, and this fall season will be no different. Back in late March, the marshmallow treats were still released in time for Easter, but production was halted for several weeks.

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Just Born issued this statement to Delish on why the seasonal Peeps won’t be available this year for the Halloween and Christmas holidays.

“While PEEPS® Marshmallow Candies, MIKE AND IKE® and HOT TAMALES® would typically be available in fun shapes and packaging sizes for the Halloween and holiday seasons, unfortunately, the seasonal varieties will not be in stores again until 2021. As you may know, due to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, we temporarily suspended production of our candy brands to ensure the health and safety of our associates. In early May, we resumed limited production after making extensive changes in our plant that ensure the safety of our associates. This situation resulted in us having to make the difficult decision to forego production of our seasonal candies for Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day in order to focus on meeting the expected overwhelming demand for PEEPS® for next Easter season, as well as our everyday candies.”

Seasonal Peeps will return to stores in 2021 after Valentine’s Day, according to Delish’s report.

This will allow the company to get an early start on Easter production as well.

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