Star Wars: Who Is the Boy at the End of The Last Jedi?

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When he’s not helping Finn and Rose Tico to free the fathiers and escape the guards on Canto Bight, Temiri is with his friends, Arashell Sar (Sarah Heller) and Oniho Zaya (Josiah Oniha), telling epic stories he’s heard about the Jedi and the heroes of the Resistance.

“Travelers from distant worlds bring them fragmented tales of adventure that excite their young imaginations,” reads The Visual Dictionary

This is why the final scene of The Last Jedi features Temiri and his friends playing with a makeshift doll of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker at the Battle of Crait. Luke’s final heroic act has become a legend and lit the spark that will eventually unite the galaxy against the First Order’s tyranny. The final scene, one that serves as a sort of coda to the rest of the film, is meant to show that hope has not been lost in Luke’s absence and that the Force can be found in the most unexpected of places. 

While the Prequel Trilogy featured countless Force users, both the Original and Sequel Trilogies have presented the ancient energy as a rare, elusive power only a select few possess. But where the original films only gifted the Skywalkers with Force abilities, the Sequel Trilogy democratized the Force to characters a bit more. We see this most clearly in The Rise of Skywalker when it’s teased that both Jannah and Finn are Force-sensitive. In fact, in The Last Jedi, Rey doesn’t have a famous lineage either – Johnson’s movie explains that she’s the daughter of alcoholic junk traders who sold her for drinking money – and neither does Temiri (to our knowledge). Yet they’re both able to wield the Force.

Little else is known about Temiri years later – and it might very well be that he has no further significance in the story beyond this coda in The Last Jedi – but there’s always the potential that he is destined for greatness. We can surmise from watching him longingly admiring the sky, just as Luke and Rey did before him, that he craves adventure and an escape from the planet to which he is shackled.

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