NZ Prime Minister makes guest appearance on Twitch Streamer Broxh’s Stream

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A special guest made an appearance during New Zealand based streamer Broxh’s stream earlier today.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern stopped by to visit the streamer spending some time looking at his work, discussing Twitch, live streaming, even interacting with the chat during her short stay.

Broxh’s streams often consist of him working on different wood carvings. The wholesome demeanor of his streams has amassed him a large following over a small amount of time currently boasting over one million followers on Twitch.

The streamer chose not to tell the chat who his guest would be during his stream, however, the chat would come to find out early as the Prime Minister’s security detail would give it away. Ardern was fascinated with Broxh’s ability to interact with his community while carving away and creating the impressive pieces he is known for.

Back when the streamer began to amass a following, being the first creator featured in the Twitch Australia and New Zealand’s creative showcase. Broxh would also become known as the most humble streamer on Twitch as he continuously urged viewers to watch the stream without subscribing, in the past even offering to return money to subscribers.

During her time on the stream, the chat was able to communicate to Ardern requesting that she dab for the chat. The Prime Minister agreed, dabbing for the stream in a clip that the audience was extremely happy to see.

The Prime Minister thanked Broxh for allowing her the opportunity to come and see what he had been doing and interact with the stream before having to leave. Once Broxh returned from saying his goodbyes, he was noticeably star struck after having the opportunity to have Ardern on his stream.

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