Netflix’s The Wrong Missy: Trailer for David Spade Comedy Debuts


There is plenty you can say about the trailer for David Spade‘s new comedy The Wrong Missy, but you sure can’t say it’s boring. Netflix released the trailer on Tuesday morning, guaranteeing we’d all start our day on an, uh, interesting note.

In a plot ripped straight out of 1996, The Wrong Missy sees Spade’s character, Tim Morris, in the very tricky situation of meeting the girl of his dreams, Missy (Molly Sims), inviting her to a tropical company retreat as his plus one, and then accidentally texting a different Missy (Lauren Lapkus) who is a bit more uncouth than the Missy Tim wants to get with. You know how you always end up in those kinds of tricky situations right? The Wrong Missy trailer teases this wild plot and treats us to a ton of exposition (thanks, trailer!), while also making sure we understand Lapkus’ Missy is a walking disaster and maybe has a tame side? Look, I’m fully into whatever Lapkus wants to lay down, but my heart goes out to her for having to play whatever bananas range of emotion this character is meant to have. At least we can keep our fingers crossed there will be some of Spade’s trademark sarcasm in there somewhere? I’ll admit, I chortled a bit watching the trailer so, even if it’s ridiculous, it could be a fun watch.

The Wrong Missy arrives on Netflix on Wednesday, May 13. Check out the rowdy official trailer below. For more, check out our picks for the best movies on Netflix you can stream now.


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