Klamath County to no longer report active COVID cases

Klamath County announced late last week it will no longer report the number of active coronavirus cases in the community.

Klamath County Public Health said the Oregon Health Authority has changed the definition of a recovered case of coronavirus. Because of this, “‘it looks like people are not recovering or that they’re much more ill than they truly are, ” says Valeree Lane with Klamath County Public Health.    

She said before June 24, recovery was determined 72 hours after experiencing the last symptom. Now, positive cases are deemed recovered 60 days after diagnosis. With this change, Lane says it will make it look like her county is slow to recover, despite some cases no longer being active.

“I think it’s just really important that we give the most accurate view of what’s going on,” explained Lane.

She said Klamath County is still tracking the recoveries of their positive cases. Although they stay in contact with people who have tested positive, becase of the rule change, they cannot list them as recovered when symptoms cease.

Jackson County has the new definition on their website but is still reporting both active and recovered cases.

Lane says if you live in Klamath County and have any questions on the policy change or coronavirus in general, KCPH is available by phone.  

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