James Bond producers have THIS to say about Daniel Craig’s retirement from 007 movies after No Time To Die

James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli recently shared her thoughts on Daniel Craig’s exit from Bond films after his fifth and final performance as the 007 agent in No Time To Die.

James Bond on Daniel Craig’s exit from 007 movies after No Time To DieJames Bond producers have THIS to say about Daniel Craig’s retirement from 007 movies after No Time To Die

James Bond makers have officially confirmed that Daniel Craig won’t return as agent 007 after his last Bond film No Time To Die (even though he has said as much countless times). “We consider this film to be a classic Bond film but with a modern twist,” producer Barbara Broccoli said on the new James Bond podcast. 


“It’s also vitally important because it is the fifth and final one that Daniel Craig is going to be doing, so it’s a culmination of everything his portrayal of the character has been through and it ties up all the storylines. It’s a pretty epic film, I have to say,” she added.


In case you missed it, over the past few months, several names have made the headlines for the possible replacements of Craig in the franchise. The actor who made the most headlines was Idris Elba. The Fobbs & Shaw actor also fueled speculation with a cryptic tweet but shut down the rumours. However, fans have been batting for the actor to take on the renowned spy’s role in the franchise. 


Another actor who has garnered attention for James Bond is Henry Cavill. The actor, in an interview with Men’s Health, had opened up about auditioning for the role years ago but couldn’t make the cut. But he did express his interest in playing the character. “I think Daniel – sorry, Mr Craig – has done an incredible job of being Bond. And if it is indeed his last one, then the playing field is open. There are no conversations just yet, but we’ll see what happens. It would be a great, fun role to play,” he said. 


While the two stars are obvious frontrunners, Michael B Jordan would also be a perfect fit for the role. He has already shown us that he could beef up for the role, through movies like Creed and Black Panther, and he has already proved he is an amazing actor. So, why not? Even Billie Eilish has given him a seal of approval. “Honestly, Michael B Jordan would kill that s***. I think he’d kill it,” the No Time To Die theme singer told on Capital Breakfast.


Fans have also nominated Tom Hardy for the Bond role. There have been speculations that the actor is being considered for the role. While there has been no concrete statement on his consideration, he responded to an April Fool’s Day prank that announced he was the next Bond by hinting that he is up for the role. “Dammit I was in my tux and on the runway good to go. No drama. Return to base. Headed back to Nola stood down 19,” he said on Instagram. 


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