Introducing ‘Father Soldier Son,’ a Film From The Times and Netflix

Father Soldier Son
Directed by Leslye Davis and Catrin Einhorn
Streaming on Netflix July 17

War enlists generations.

In “Father Soldier Son,” an award-winning new documentary from The New York Times, journalists Catrin Einhorn and Leslye Davis chronicle the cost of combat and the call to service for Master Sgt. Brian Eisch and his family. Through joy and grief, their bonds are tested as they struggle to find their way in the shadow of the nation’s longest war.

When The Times started following the Eisch family in 2010, Sergeant Eisch was a single father who had left his two young sons for a yearlong deployment to Afghanistan. The boys — vulnerable, funny, deeply attached to their father — offer a compelling lens into how one generation’s service in combat affects the lives of the next.

Over a decade, from Afghanistan to Wisconsin to New York, “Father Soldier Son” tells the intimate narrative of one American family.

Directors: Catrin Einhorn, Leslye Davis
Producers: Leslye Davis, Catrin Einhorn, Kathleen Lingo, Nancy Gauss
Executive Producers: Rebecca Corbett, James Dao, Sam Dolnick
Cinematographer: Leslye Davis
Additional Cinematography: Marcus Yam, Damon Winter, Alex Pritz, Margaret Cheatham Williams, Catrin Einhorn
Editor: Amy Foote
Consulting Editor: Geoffrey Richman
Composer: Nathan Halpern

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