Gordo: If Manfred and Clark can’t settle MLB’s dispute, both leaders must go | Jeff Gordon

Owners said: If no other pay settlement is reached with the players and we must pay full pro-rated pay, the March 26 agreement allows the commissioner to set the schedule. A lower number of games lessens the losses for owners.

Players said: That agreement calls on owners to make “best efforts to play as many games as possible.” Setting a short schedule after dragging out talks would be bargaining in bad faith. As a result, we stand ready to file a grievance to collect the money we would have made in a longer season.

Owners said: We made several proposals for longer schedules with different pay concepts, so we bargained in good faith. The players are the ones bargaining in bad faith.

“They started off at 100 percent pro-rata salaries,” Chicago White Sox special adviser Dennis Gilbert told the Orange County Register. “Here we are, nearly two months later, and they’re still at 100 percent full pro-rata salaries. Where is the good faith in that?”

Players said: Those proposed longer schedules included less than the full pro-rated pay. We won’t accept that. We’re done bargaining. The commissioner should set the schedule so we can report to work.

“Tell us when and where,” Bryce Harper, Mike Trout, Gerrit Cole and other star players repeated on Twitter Tuesday.

Owners said: We will not set it unless the players agree to settle all remaining issues — including the expansion of postseason play — and waive their right to grieve the loss of pay.

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