‘Dancing With the Stars’ Fans Have Mixed Reactions Over Opening Segment About Critcism

Dancing With the Stars kicked off Monday’s episode with an opening bit that drew some mixed reactions. The segment showed the celebrities commenting on a troubling trend plaguing the competition: criticism of celebrities. Meant to be a light-hearted joke, the video, which showcased each star commenting on harsh scoring and feedback sarcastically, had some people bothered while some appreciated the laugh.

Nelly, who started the episode with the first dance of the evening, kicked off the video by beginning, “We’re here with you tonight to tell you about a problem that is affecting so many aspiring dancers.” Jeannie Mae than followed it up with, “The problem is judge’s comments.” From there, each celebrity continued the dialogue, joking about various remarks they’ve heard in the competition, including A.J. McLean mentioning how he was told he looks like Vin Diesel and Jesse Metcalfe questioning how he could possibly “tame the beast” after a prior judge’s comments told him to do so. The segment, for some, may have missed the mark, particularly during a sensitive time in the country. Others, though, appeared to find the humor in what ABC was attempting to go for with the video.

Here are some of the most notable reactions to the Dancing With the Stars opening.



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