Concept Shows Black PS5 Console Design

Since Sony has not released any other colors for the new PS5, one fan reveals a trailer for what he imagines a black PS5 console would look like.

PlayStation fans are excited for the release of the PS5 and are looking forward to more information on the upcoming console. One fan took it upon himself to do something that many have been waiting for Sony to reveal, and he created a trailer for a black PS5 console design.

While the coronavirus delayed the initial reveal date, fans were finally able to see the PlayStation 5 earlier last month. With many new games like Horizon Forbidden West, many are eager for the release of the system and everything that will come with it. There is still much that fans want to know and see about the Playstation’s new system, and a fan is unofficially stepping up to the challenge.

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One thing that many fans want to see is the PS5 console in other colors. While PlayStation’s CEO Jim Ryan confirmed that various editions of the gaming console are currently being worked on, the only version of the PS5 that has been unveiled is the white version. A hardcore gamer by the name of Guiseppe Spinnelli decided to take things into his own hands. The fan created an entire trailer showcasing what a black PS5 would look like in the style of the video that Sony put out in its initial display of the actual system. He also included a black DualSense controller in the video as well.

Spinnelli also showcased a new Max Payne game in the trailer. Toward the end of the video, the game is featured as the disk is slid into the new console. The last game in Max Payne series came out in 2012, and while fans of the game franchise have been hoping for another game, nothing has been discussed for a potential sequel. However, this trailer may start discussions to a possible Max Payne 4 release sometime in the future.

This trailer shows that when Sony is slow to release content that the fans are asking for, they will produce it themselves. While it is likely that a black PS5 will not look much different than the unofficial one in this trailer, fans are curious to see if the new system will come in any other colors that PlayStation has yet to reveal.

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