BTS’s Suga Charts His Entire New Mixtape Inside The Top 40 On The Song Sales Chart

BTS member Suga is about to enjoy the best frame of his solo career, as when the Billboard charts refresh in several hours, his name will be all over several of them. The rapper’s new mixtape D-2 starts as the second-bestselling title in the U.S., and every single track on the project is now a top 40 hit on the Digital Song Sales ranking, which lists in order the bestselling individual tracks in the country every week.

Leading the way among all of Suga’s songs is “Daechwita,” which was immediately chosen as the focus track from the project. The tune opens with over 17,400 sales, an impressive sum for a tune not properly promoted as a single. It comes in behind only Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande’s “Rain on Me,” which leads the way by a sizable margin, as it sold just under 72,000 copies.

Suga owns two spaces inside the top 10 on this week’s Digital Song Sales chart, an impressive showing for the Korean musician. His collaboration with fellow BTS member RM, “Strange,” blasts onto the ranking at No. 10 with 7,600 copies sold. While not necessarily rare, it’s not often that a musician can claim a pair of positions inside the highest tier, and it’s seen even less frequently by artists who perform in a language other than English.

To put his two major wins into perspective, fewer than 20 Korean tracks have broken into the top 10 on the history of the Digital Song Sales chart, so upping that count by more than one placement is certainly impressive.

Almost all of the other songs featured on D-2 find their way into the top 20 this time around, with eight of the 10 tracks placing at No. 20 or above. Only two tunes fail to break into that region, and they both rank above No. 25, meaning the album’s entire tracklist have now become top 40 hits on the list.

All combined, the 10 cuts present on D-2 sold over 81,000 copies during the first week they were available.

Here are where all 10 songs featured on D-2 land on this week’s Digital Song Sales chart. 

No. 2 – “Daechwita”

No. 10 – “Strange (ft. RM)”

No. 12 – “Burn It (ft. MAX)”

No. 13 – “What Do You Think?”

No. 14 – “Moonlight”

No. 16 – “People”

No. 19 – “28”

No. 20 – “Dear My Friend (ft. Kim Jong Wan)”

No. 22 – “Interlude: Set Me Free”

No. 24 – “Honsool”

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