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The Covid-19 lockdown has given people ample time to catch up with their Netflix watchlist. From old timeless classics to the new movies and shows, people across the globe have been watching a lot of Netflix off lately, which might make them believe that they have exhausted all the bingeable shows and movies available in Netflix’s library. But that’s not the case.

Netflix has a bunch of features that allow users to dig deeper into its collection. It also has features that allow users to preserve their bandwidth as they binge watch through the lockdown.

We have compiled a list of features for you that will help get the best of Netflix. Take a peek:

Top 10 List: Did you Netflix has a feature called Top 10 that shows the trending content in a country. The company displays the Top 10 list on a user’s home page. In addition to that, users can head over to the platform’s Series and Films tabs to see what is trending within these categories in their country. What’s cool about this feature is that these lists are updated daily so you never see the same suggestions everyday.

Search for quirky collections: Search is one of the underrated features of Netflix. While most people use it to look for shows and movies of their choice, there is so much more that you can do with this functionality. For instance, you can also search for shows that may have been tagged under specific categories? You can look for gang pal movies or anime or even K-pop drama.

Here are some of the categories that you can explore: Great K-drama screenwriters, romantic workplace TV shows, watch in one weekend, ensemble TV shows. love triangle K-dramas, fantasy movies, talking animals, slow burn, epic worlds, feel-good, anime for Beginners, retro TV, underdogs and gal pal movies and tv shows among others.

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Manage your bandwidth by profile: Are you kids consuming a lot of your bandwidth watching some silly old cartoon? Well, did you know that Netflix has a feature that allows users to limit bandwidth usage for every profile?

Here’s what you need to do: Go to Account > Profile & Parental Controls > Hit the dropdown on Profile you want > click ‘Change’ on Playback Settings. Now you can set the Data Usage Per Screen to Low or Medium to control how much streaming bandwidth that particular profile consumes.

Set Profile Locks: So you created a separate for your friends hoping that they would explore Netflix from within their profiles and stay away from yours. But that may not always happen. Fortunately, Netflix has a feature that allows you to set a 4-digit Profile Lock so that no one sees that your secret watchlist is full of rom-coms.

Here’s what you need to do: Go to Account > Profile & Parental Controls > select the Profile to lock > hit ‘Change’ on Profile Lock.

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