2020 NHL Playoffs live updates: Oilers-Blackhawks and Panthers-Islanders Game 1 highlights, scores

The NHL is finally back following a four-month hiatus because of the coronavirus pandemic. The sport’s restart gets right into the thick of things, immediately jumping into the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs with an unprecedented 24 teams given a shot to lift Lord Stanley’s Cup.

An unprecedented number of teams requires an unprecedented postseason format to go along with it. The first portion of the playoffs features a qualifying round where teams outside of the top-four of each conference will face off against one another in a five-game series for one of eight remaining spots in the next round — those remaining top four have already qualified for the next round. You can check out the full schedule for the qualifying round here.

Happening now is a Western Conference match-up between the Edmonton Oilers, who boasted the fifth-best record in the conference prior to the coronavirus shut down, and the Chicago Blackhawks, who boasted the 12th-best record. You can catch Game 1 of their series on NBC. Also, on NBCSN, the Florida Panthers take on the New York Islanders in the Eastern Conference Qualifiers.

Below you’ll find updates, highlights and scores from every postseason game that has happened in this qualifying round so far. Stay with CBS Sports for your Stanley Cup playoff coverage and analysis, and check out CBS Sports HQ for daily highlights and breakdowns.

Final Scores

Carolina Hurricanes (1-0) def. New York Rangers (0-1), 3-2 (box score)

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